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You just need to research your fans starting and operating amperage, then see how many you can get onto one channel.

volts x amps = watts, I think, it's late. just put 12 into the volts one it'll figure for you. then start splicing fans together.

Like I said, I had 8 ap 15's goign on the FC5v2 no issue, one channel. I would just not have them cranked 100% on startup, that's a tad over 30w for gt 15's it would run them down to 550-600 rpm.

The first one you linked looks good too, PWM would be nice without haveing to have pwm fans.
i want to get rid of the blade master and get these ap-15's

seems blade masters run
Current (Ampere): 0.36A Max.

and ap -15 run Rated Current: 0.083A ... claims less than 1watt... wow insane

ty for that link, definitely good bookmark to have biggrin.gif now i must hunt for a nice controller

i still to this day can see why these fans are good and am having hard time accepting the cfm/static pressure might be overrated as many companies beef them up... however when i crank these bad boys to 2000rpm i can see the performance and so can my water temp:( spending ~$100 on new fans isnt really going to be pleasant since im scared they might not outperform and i literally payed 16$ per fan to under perform these $10 fans
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