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Old 775 system issues. Unresolved Blue Screens and USB drives not recognized.

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Hi all,

This is one of my old systems, well used etc. I have had the problem for some time, but due to work, family and other things it is always low priority but gnawing away at the back of my head. This was at one point my movie and data server in a W7 Homegroup Network. Used to be my main PC. And yes I know its old, I am waiting for Haswell, but with three 775 PC's at home it will be costly when it comes to upgrading.

Gigabyte GZ-X1 Case, Akasa Viper Fans, Scythe Kama Bay.
Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3P rev1 Motherboard.
Intel Q9550 CPU.
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro rev1.
Corsair XMS2 PC-8500C5 4x2GB.
Samsung F3 Sata II 1TB HDD.
Sapphire HD4870 1GB Toxic GPU.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
BeQuiet Pure Power L8 630W PSU.

The system fails to recognize USB drives, it states they need formatted, when they do not and work elsewhere.

I have tried deleting the USB drivers to no avail, and know it is software related, as a fresh install on a new HDD has no such USB issues.

The blue screening is a little more complex, and the details can be read here, if linking is OK?

Basically a complete rebuild one part at a time to just the motherboard was left as original, left me thinking a motherboard fault. All other hardware worked fine in other machines, PSU is running in my TJ08B-E build. The RAM failing to run at stated timings in my Gene had me re-test all memory, but with no failures. It seems the old Maximus II Gene is a fussy board, or I am useless with it.

I would like to know what may have been causing the Blue screens with my Gigabyte GA-EP45 system, and am wondering if there is any software that can find motherboard faults? Or if I should just put it down to an old system getting stroppy or a loose connection?

I am sure many of you know what it is like to want to know why something was doing such, but not have the answers rolleyes.gif

So I guess I am looking for some sort of fault finding software for motherboards, and some sort of software to trace my current USB driver fault?
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Are you getting kernel dumps (look in the windows directory for a file called "MEMORY.dmp" or a minidump inside a folder called "Minidump")?

If you are you can send me one of them preferably the lager is bytes the better and I'll analyze alit and see if it's something more than your board reaching EOL.

If you're not getting dump files, then right click the computer and choose properties> advanced> recovery> and set the option to kernel dump.
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Having looked I cant see anything, I have not had a blue screen for a while, and can't seem to find any mini dump anywhere, the folder is empty.

When I right click computer I see Advanced System Settings, Advanced, Startup and Recovery, with Write an event, Auto restart, and overwrite ticked, with Write debugging info set at Kernel Memory Dump, and dump file has " %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP " in the box.

I have found a file previous versions when I look at the mini dump folder. But it wont let me copy from that? And I cannot access it for adding here.

It is dated yesterday, no old mini dumps from when I had the blue screens seems apparent?
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Make sure you're logged in as an administrator. If you don't want to fuss around with that you can take ownership of the specific file by following THIS shot guide (you are using windows 7 right?)

Then you should be able to copy and upload it.
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