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I just added a QNIX 2710 2560*1440 monitor to my system, which is pretty amazing. I was able to overclock it to 96hz as well and the results playing a game like BF3 on Ultra settings are terrific. I'm between 70-90 fps with VSync off, no tearing or problems of any sort. Except heat. My GTX 660 Ti cards, which were nice and cool at 1920*1080 are now hitting 80 degrees when gaming. I'm not seeing any evidence of throttling yet, but with temps like that I think it's time to add them to my H220 loop. I have two basic options that I can think of:

1) The simpler loop would be to run from my pump to a single 120mm radiator at the top of the case, then on to the video cards. From there back to the H220 radiator/reservoir, and then back to the CPU. I know that a single 120mm isn't the most preferred option, but given that my CPU never sees any temps above 70, even when benching, I'm hopeful that overall temps won't take a huge hit and that the GPU's will still see a good benefit.

2) The more thorough and complex loop would be to run from the CPU to the H220 radiator, then to the video cards. From the video cards, the loop would go out the back of the case to either a second 2x120mm or a 3x120mm radiator before coming back into the case and going to the CPU. Obviously there's more radiator surface involved here - but the loop is also longer.

For GPU blocks, I'm probably getting EK Acetal-Nickle 670 blocks with the EK bridge.

Opinions and temp benefit estimates for these two options?

Here's what things look like now: