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No point in sticking to older tech when you have the chance to upgrade.
Haswell will overclock amazingly well if the rumors are true. Its IPC might not be much better than Ivy Bridge, but it'll beat its previous generation just because of its high overclockability. 5.0-5.5GHz will hopefully be the norm when Haswell arrives. That fact alone should be enough to push you towards the newer CPUs, especially since you plan on keeping it for a long time period of 2-3years.

Then again, thats just what I would do. But I see no reason why you would want to keep a year-old 3770K when you have the chance to upgrade.

THIS IS WHAT I CALL SEEING THE FUTURE WHIT HIS OWN EYES. applaud.gif such of inocense, moral, never trust rumors neither overestimate your favorite company.
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