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MSI R7950?

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I have never owned an AMD card ever and have always been an NVIDIA owner for GPU's. I have been looking for a new card the last 2 weeks to replace my EVGA 560 2GB which is starting to slowly show its limitations with some of the newer games. I am going to game at 1080p with a single monitor (on a 50 inch plasma). I was looking at the 660 TI and 670 2GB, but considering the 660 TI is not that great of a card with the 192 bit interface and the 670 is $100 more I have started looking at the 7950 since you can OC it to meet the 670 performance.

I have been looking at the MSI R7950 TF 3GD5/OC AMD Radeon HD 7950 Twin Frozr III Overclocked, is this a pretty good card? I wasn't going to OC the card initially, but now I am thinking that I probably will OC.

One of my concerns was the drivers from AMD, but I hear they are getting much better. Overall, how is this card?
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Yes, they are getting better. Crossfire is the biggest problems with their drivers, like always.

And the 7950 is a MUCH better bang for the buck card than the gtx 670.
Twin Frozr III cooler is great and those cards also have a great reputation.

If you are going to buy a card from this generation, go for that one and you won't regret.
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Yeah, right now I am looking for a card that I can get a good 2 years out of it until the next gen cards have released. I've owned AMD CPU's in the past, but not GPU's so it always makes me iffy.

I was running Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 on my setup, the 560 just can't keep up without me having to really dial back the graphical settings and no matter what I did I was getting good old screen tearing.

Is the MSI the best of the bunch? I was looking to get the card at Microcenter or TigerDirect B&M in case I needed to swap out the card on the fly due to either not liking something about it or it craps out on me right away.

I have another question, with the NVIDIA I stream audio through my receiver to get my surround via HDMI, will the 7950 allow for the same?
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Any additional thoughts? I was also wondering about the audio through HDMI for AMD card.
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