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Hi guy,

I have had te G15 for a couple of years but recently it started going on and off by itself and the PC would spam the hardware plugged/un-plugged sounds.

I bent the cable a certain way and duct taped it into place to make it work but this was only a temporary solution..

It has since totally stopped working and I have removed the cable from the keyboard to see if I could cut the broken end off and re-crimp it.

But I have no idea what the connector block on the end is called and where to get them.

Here is a picture of one$%28KGrHqF,!p0E9eFIsk9YBPq65N8Ptw~~60_57.JPG

If someone could just tell me the name of those terminal connector blocks and possibly where to get a new one + crimpers I would be very grateful!!

Also, is it possible to salvage the old connector block by un-soldering it somehow? Was thinking a heat gun to melt the points but I don't know if the plastic is heat proof.

Failing that, I will just have to cut/strip and solder the wires onto the male prongs of the keyboard, but I would rather fix it properly if possible!

I can supply more pictures if needed..

Many thanks smile.gif
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