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i have always wanted to get in to modding but but did not want to destroy my case now that i got a old case from a friend who was upgrading i decided to have a go at modding it i have a general idea of what i want to do i already have a piece of clear plexiglass i plan on using it as a side panel looking at some of the threads on OC i cut it to size i read in a thread that you can use magnets i have four old HDDs so i took the magnets out that is were i am at the moment the case has a hdd cage and about six 5.25 drive bays i want to remove the hdd cage and three of the 5.25 drive bays i also want to mod the front of the case i am thinking of ordering this 7" lcd screen from ebay and mounting it to the front of the case the front of the case sticks out in the middle which does not go well with the simple and clean look i want so i decided to remove the whole panel and replace it with black plexiglass

this is the kinda of look i am trying to go for clean and simple also do you guys think the divider is a good idea so that i can hide all the wires in there the one in the pic is open mine would be closed and made from plexiglass as well

red- i want to remove
green- were i want to put the magnets
blue- the front panel it sticks out at a funny angle as you can see i want to replace it with a piece of black plexiglass to make it flat

i want to replace the whole front of the case with black plexiglass
yellow-this is were i want to put the 7" lcd

any advice observation or ideas will be appreciated as i could use any help i get thanks in advance thumbsupsmiley.png