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Hi I'm new to the forums and this is my first post. Recently I bought two noctuas nf-f12 to replace the stock fans of my H80 Corsair liquid cpu cooler because those fans are loud. The thing is I have both of the h80 stock fans connected to a 3 pin connector to the sentry 2 fan controller which has a 3 pin connector and a 4 ping molex.

I would like to replace the stock h80 fans with the noctuas and connect the noctuas to the sentry 2 NZXT fan controller so I'm still able to control the speed of the fans but the noctuas have a 4 pin PWN cable that won't fit on the fan controller. I s there a way I could connect the noctua fans to the sentry 2 fan controller? If not I would just have to use my motherboard right? My motherboard is the maximus v formula.