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avago 3090 unstable polling rate

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I bought the the ZOWIE AM with high hopes only to find out that my motherboard was having troubles maintaining a stable polling rate, so I looked into it and a lot of people with the Z77 chipset were having problems with this mouse maintaining a stable polling rate. I then stumbled upon a post about modifying hidusbf.sys to stabilize it which "half" worked, instead of having crazy frequency spikes from 300Hz to well over 1000Hz while on the 500Hz setting my polling rate stayed between 0-550 but still felt really inconsistent when I would move the mouse slower it would average around 250Hz with spikes up to the high 500's. I also tried out 125Hz which felt way more consistent than both 1000Hz, and 500Hz and is what I'm using now; all in all does anyone know a motherboard that allows this mouse to preform optimally and if not does the DA 2013 have this same issue? If there is no fix I will end up buying the DA I just want to be sure first.
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From what I can remember.

This is normal for all mice. They only report when you are doing something with the mouse. The faster you move it the more the polling rate goes up, vice versa. Some mice cannot even reach 1000 Hz, like the older DeathAdder.

You could change your USB port to poll at a certain rate to keep a more consistent number. As you already said.
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My UD5H z77 maintains polling rate fine. When using mouserate.exe and moving the mouse around as fast as possible, it gets between 999-1000 with a few spikes up to like 1004 or whatever on the program with g400. Every other mouse I've tested performs exactly the same on it. (polling rate should only be 1000 when moving the mouse as fast as possible)

Do you have the mouse plugged into the USB2 port? I only have 2 of them on the back and the rest are usb3. Also, don't plug the mouse into the front of the case or anything weird like that. Do you also have Intel(R)_USB_3.0_eXtensible_Host_Controller_Driver installed?

Maybe your power saving features in the BIOS combined with Windows power saving plan is screwing up the polling rate also. If I don't set Windows power plan to "high performance" on my laptop, it won't even let me get over 125hz on any USB port. After setting to high performance, mouse instantly goes to 1000hz.

Turn off C-States, EIST, dynamic overclocking, HPET, and all that garbage in the BIOS too.
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Intel(R)_USB_3.0_eXtensible_Host_Controller_Driver (Yes)
Windows Power Saving Plan (uh... not using a laptop so)
Power Saving BIOS (nope turn off turbo and have it on normal setup now)
How do I check C-States, EIST, dynamic overclocking, HPET?
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I'm not typing on a laptop either, I'm just saying windows power plan can alter the power states and polling rates of USB devices, so make sure it is set to high performance under "power options" in the control panel. The rest of the settings should be clearly labeled in the BIOS....just look up the definition of whatever is listed and turn off every power saving feature to rule things out.
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Again, sounds like completely normal behavior for a USB mouse.
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