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[Build Log] LianLi PC-A77B first mod

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Hey OCN!

I will be documenting my very first Mod here. I hope some of you will enjoy some basic mods, allthough i already know that compared to some of the crazy awesome work here my project seems rather bleak.
Additionally it's my only system, except for a office laptop, so this will pose an additional challenge.

Here the Hardware:
Motherboard: AsRock 870 Extreme3
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965
GPU: Gigabyte HGD7870 OC
Ram: 2x4Gb G.Skill Ripjaws 1333Mhz
PSU: be quiet! Dark Power 750W
Storage: OCZ Vertex 4, 3x HDD

and what's going to happen:
Budget Water cooling:
Rads: Alphacool 240mm Monsta, 360mm Monsta (80mm thick:devil-smi)
Pump: Laing DDC 12V DDC-1Plus with Phobya Acrylic Top
Reservoir: Phobya Balancer 150 black nickel
CPU Cooler: XSPC RayStorm
GPU Cooler: Alphacool GPU HF 14, RAMs and voltage transducer passive
Tubing, fittings and Fans not yet decided (Fans propably Arctic Cooling F12 PWM)

Cable sewing
Cable Management
Self made paint job
Simple Lighting

First things first:
How it looked in the beginning (Nice Cable management, eh?)

Because it is my first system and i know that my planning will not be the best since it is the very first mod i had to make a temporary solution that my Computer is available.
Taking out everything

I've found an old wooden Board that was damaged; perfect for my Hardware mounting. I just drilled the Motherboard layout and added the rest of the components with good old double sided duct tape smile.gif

Done! That'll do. I took out my OC (3.8Ghz back to 3.4).

Now i took apart the whole case, drilling out all the rivets:

Because i couldnt wait for the parts to arrive i did a test on painting on the back side of the motherboard tray and some cross connections:
1) Cleaning away the heavy dirt with Isopropylalchol

2) Wet sanding with 800 grid sandpaper (400 would've been sufficient)

3) Applying adhesion primer for aluminium - drying

4) Applying many thing layers of Acrylic paint (black matt). Since i used the quick drying one from Dupli color the wait between paints was only about 15-30mins.

I went to a friend with a decent camera to take pictures of the result, I'm very happy with it:

Then I did some Cable work:
Removing AC97' front header connector:

I just clipped as close to the pin as possible.

My very first Sleeving and sewing. (Black PCIE Connectors and other black connectors are still on the way)

And I cleaned my PSU and hid the PWM and fan speed cable of the PSU Fan (The fan is quiet even uncontrolled, so no need to control it). It was neccessary, the shock was big :O

But with a happy end

A very basic concept of the rad positioning to give you an idea.
Created with GIMP
Created with GIMP
For the mounting I used 1.5mm steel because the pump will sit on it so i really want it to make it sturdy. I will decouple it with o-ring dampers.
The bending work was done externally, cause i dont have the machine to bend 1.5mm steel that precise. Material & Work 20 swiss francs=21 dollar=16 Euro.
The cutting Will be done with a Dremel.
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Reserved for final pics
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Hey just a little update on the current status. I'm waiting for hopefully one of the last shipments.

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