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Hi ladies and gentlemen of OCN.

I have a problem, well i guess that's how a lot of these threads start. Well here it is, Today i went out and got a new 27' LED monitor, After getting home and installing it and using it for couple minutes my mouse started to keep jumping to the bottom right hand corner of the screen every couple seconds, in games it gets worse, but also when i lift the mouse it jumps right, where as it never use to do that before, So i started the problem solving myself and haven't come up with anything that solved the problem yet, hence myself turning to the great members here at OCN.

So i have a CM Storm Sentinel Advance, So this what iv tried to fix the problem so far:

- Blowing all the dust out of the mouse
- Iv checked to see if the mouse itself wasn't faulty (tried a Cyborg R.A.T. mouse with my pc and it works perfectly, tired the CM Storm in a different pc and it works perfectly, so i don't think its the mouse)
- Reinstalling all drivers and software for the mouse (no luck either)
- Different usb ports on my pc ie: usb2.0 to usb 3.0 (no luck too)
- Reinstalling my drivers for the 670 (still no luck)

So now im stuck and iv goggled this but haven't had much luck finding the exact answer to my problem.

So please guys and gals if you have any idea how to fix this issue so i don't have to throw my mouse in the trash and buy a new that would be greatly appreciated.

See my rig in my sig for specs to solve the problem if needed.