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For Sale:
[FS] Seagate Solid State Hybrid ST1000LM014 1TB 2.5" HDD

Will Ship To: US50

I bought a few of these. I put some in my laptop, GF's laptop, etc. and planned on using one as an Apps and Games drive on my desktop. You get much more out of this drive using it as a boot drive. Perfect if you want to speed up a laptop with only one drive bay, it gives you the best of both worlds in terms of speed and capacity. I have a nice SSD though so I'm looking to get rid of it and pick up a WD Black for my desktop.

It has about 2 hours of actual use on it. Loaded a few benchmarks and a game or two, I want to get a 3.5" drive though.

Asking $90 shipped to US, international shipping is okay but you have to pay the extra shipping costs. ($5.50 for USPS Priority is included in the price)