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Alright, so I was RMAed an Asus 7970 Direct CU ii. Problem is that this case is a 3 slotter. I have a Prodigy and I don't want switch to a larger case. I noticed that there is ample room in the Prodigy. I am also 16, so I do not have the access to the best equipment... I might be able to get my hands on a dremel and that is about it tongue.gif

Here is the basic idea

Regular stock case

And here is the end result...


The red strip is the part I will try to cut off with the dremel. I will then later duct tape, or superglue it to the other side wink.gif (jk not really sure how i would get it back on there). Don't know if it will work since the Prodigy has some pretty dense steel.

Then I will then cut the purple strip to make a slot. The green strip is the extension i would have to make in order for the GPU to slide in.

I know that i will have to move the motherboard standoffs. I have a drill and drill bits, but I am not sure if they are a match for the steel of this case.

Asking for the help of any of you modders. Budget is 0-100 but more along the line of 00-74 (Was thinking of buying a Phantom, but it will look ridiculous with a ITX board inside of it). I also live in Las Vegas, so if you guys could help me find a place where I can get this machined that would be appreciated. I would also be willing to send the back panel of to get it machined elsewhere. If there is a place that can machine the case, it would also be a plus if they could move the standoffs(wont be hard if they move the standoff holes in relation to movement of the IO shield).