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After upgrading Samsung Basic 500GB with dxt08b0q firmware I had windows 7 x64 unable to boot twice in a week.
Luckily I have win7 installation on other hard drive in same comp.
from which I run chkdsk /f for repairs and repair boot with easybcd.

It seems to work ok after that but for how long ?!

I had no problems with previous firmware version.
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I'm also experiencing problems with my 840 and FW dxt08b0q

Whenever I power my laptop back on after hibernating it, Win 7 can't boot because the bootsector is damaged. I can use the Win 7 rescue disk to repair it and Win 7 boots fine afterwars. Still it seems it's always exactly the same problem. I could swear even the few errors that chkdsk finds on my system partition afterwards seem to be the exact same ones every time aswell.

Since I don't always hibernate, I can't be 100% sure that it's the FW itself that's causing it. However I did not alter my comps installation or HW-specs and it definitely started happening after the FW update - never had any issues at all with older FW-revisions. My gf has the same Harddisk but did not upgrade her FW to dxt08b0q yet - so far she didn't experience any problems.

I'll keep monitoring the situation and post updates to this if I find something new. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing these exact problems...
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There. I fixed it.

1) Download SetupRST.exe from https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=2101&DwnldID=23060&ProductFamily=Software+Products&ProductLine=Chipset+Software&ProductProduct=Intel%C2%AE+Rapid+Storage+Technology+(Intel%C2%AE+RST)&lang=eng
2) Install.
3) Run it. Go to performance.
4) Click Disable in Link Power Management.
5) Reboot.
6) Enjoy.
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What I did to make the unreadable dos page readable was to escape two or three times 'til I was at the dos prompt. At the prompt, enter: segui0.exe /2 (0 is a zero not an O)

The /2 gives it a different but readable font. If there is anything else you need you can type at the dos prompt: segui0.exe /? Hope this helps someone.
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