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Savu sensor in Kinzu?

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Would it be possible for someone to make this? The Savu has the best sensor I've tried but I don't like the shape
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You can put the board of an Deathadder into the Kinzu... it's basically what ur requesting and a lot of people have done this mod. Search for KinzuAdder.
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Yeah I'm aware of that, I'm asking if it's possible with a Savu. DeathAdder doesn't have native 800DPI
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Here a Xai + Savu mod

As you can see the pcb is already cut at the sides, to make it fit. There is still stuff that can be cut away for example where the sensor led is. Just measured with hand only, the difference between the wmo and kinzu is like 2-3 mm at the thinest point.

Even with kinzu shell cutting, it should be really tight. Feel free to correct me. tongue.gif
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Nice! Xai would be fine too. If I ship you both a Savu and Xai plus money for labor would you be able to make one for me? Looks like you have a Zowie AM in there too, I can ship one of those as well if needed.
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No i will not make modifications for other people. I do not want to take the responsibility. Xai/Sensei whatever you like is enough, the Zowie is just in there because i wanted to save the Xai bottom part for something else. To make this, you need: Dremel and Hot glue gun. Solder gun only if side/extra button needed. (mouse 4 for dpi cycle for example). smile.gif

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