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it should probably be something like this more or less. this is from the 8400gs i talked about before.

Btw the settings there were missing since the beginning. They didnt go missing after something happened. Since we found out that theyre missing because of optimus there is not an actual "problem" with the computer. Nothing is faulty then. I just wonder why arent there setting meaning why is optimus blocking them. Think of ot as this way optimus is some option some speciality of some nvidia cards. Why does a new option block out the old options. Contrary to this optimus panel should have even more settings. All of the above and optimus options in addition. And if optimus is overriding all those settings , for the good or worse, shouldnt there be something like: let me decide/let optimus decide the optimal settings for you. Since it is optimus. Which optimizes tongue.gif
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