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670 valley scores problem

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Hello everyone,

so I have an asus 670 dcii standard edition, no top or oc. The first time I benched the card with valley my score was 1780, this was without overclocking. But ever since then I couldn't get these kind of scores. Now the highest I can reach is 1680 without overclocking. My card boosts automatically to 1071 mhz.

Can anyone help me? I reinstalled drivers, I'm on 314.22 btw, and reinstalled os and everything but nothing helps. Sometimes the score is as low as 1453.. I just want my card back at 1780 stock. Could I return my card because of this? It is one month old.

Also an oddity: in GPU-Z the power consumption reads 39.6%TDP during valley. Some people say this has to be around 100.

Please help. Could you guys with a 670 also post your boost clock and valley result ?

Thanks in advance. I just want my card at maximum potential with metro last light coming.

P.S. : my cpu is 3570k
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Could it be that you would have not raised your power target ?? Also, you should look for GPU Load and if that is what is showing 39% then maybe your card is not being maxed out.

Try to post your score here and see if they can resolve it as i don't own a 670 myself
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