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I don't know what country you're from, but here in the US they're all the same price. The unsubsized costs for popular phones in the US:

Galaxy S4 : 639.99 (16GB)
HTC One : 649.99 (64GB)
iPhone 5 : 649.99 (64GB)
Google S4: 649.99 (unknown memory)

There is absolutely no difference in cost. If you want a good smartphone, these are typical costs - You either pay upfront and get an uncarrier plan or you can subsidize the cost, pay substantially less, and get a 2 year contract in which you pay more in the long term. Again, your country is apparently very different in terms of pricing (where you from, out of curiosity?). That isn't the norm - in most countries, costs are identical among all of the most popular smartphones. The only outlier I can think of is Windows Phone, but does anyone seriously use that crap? They went down in price to around 550$ (at least, the lumia 920 did) because everyone hates Windows phone.

I'm not saying that one smartphone is better than the other, although you're clearly ranting about Apple in your post. I use iphone because all of my friends use iMessage, the huge software and ebook ecosystem, and I have a lot of songs in my itunes library (also had an ipod in the past with a huge library.) Anyway, my point here is that all premium smart phones cost about the same price in the US and most EU countries. So to say that Apple in particular costs more, is not accurate. Apparently things are just wildly different in your country.

I don't agree with you on the part of paying more with a subsidized plan. At least not here in the United States. I have been with AT&T for the longest time and have bought subsidized phones since the beginning. The only thing is that I get locked in a 2 year contract. I don't pay a cent more for the phone per month basis nor does my bill look any more or less than my friend who has unlocked phone and using a monthly plan with AT&T. Average price per month with unlimited pretty much everything is around $80.

Also when the Iphone 5 came out it was $699 for the 16GB 799 for the 32 and 899 for the 64. That's significantly more (at least on the upper level of memory) than a late model Galaxy phone.
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