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Regarding the vram bottleneck it would be much better!! There will still be a few circumstances with you hitting the vram limit, but not too many. On the other hand i cannot recommend the 7990 until AMD have fixed their driver problem regarding stuttering(or un-smooth gameplay). The problem seems to be worse when using higher Eyefinity resolutions. The driver fix is stated to be released in June or July. There is a current fix to the problem if you are willing to use Vsync and able to keep your minimums at your refresh rate. But in my opinion that is extra FPS performance that is not able to be utilized.

I have have quad SLI for a couple years. I can only recommend 4-way GPUs for benchmarking, not gaming. The technology for Crossfire and SLI are not to a point to utilize all the extra power of 4 GPUs combined. If this PC is for gaming I would only recommend 2 of the most powerful GPUs thats in your budget, 3 at the most with a couple more problems here and there.

Now im not saying that 4-way GPUs wont be able to be utilized in gaming ever, but the instances on where scaling is good in gaming are few and far between. Most of the time the 4th GPU will not add much if any extra gaming performance, and in some instances cause more problems.

If you want something soon I would I would keep an eye out on the GTX 780s releasing in a week or two.
Thank you very much for your input!

I won't be doing this build any time soon (and probably will be switching to a case build instead of a desk build)
so I don't mind waiting to see what the new drivers will have in store
If I plan to do a case build, I will definitely go with SLI titans regardless
BUT, if a second build is in the process (much later) then I will go with 2 7990s
both builds will be x79, so I don't think scaling is much of a problem, also know I won't use 3 cards or 4 ever (not saying i wont use 3 or 4 gpus, I mean I won't have 3 in my computer taking 3 slots at a time)
I saw that the 780's will have 3gb VRAM, if there iwll be a 6gb or 5gb version releasing like it is rumored, I might consider it over the 7990 or even the titan
The 7990's is having an outrageous deal with 8 free games, and that's catching my eye right now, so I probably will skip on a 780 and go with a titan build and/or 7990 build.