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this is a brand new build
fx 8350(stock, turbo disabled)
xms3 1333 2x4gig
asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0 latest bios
evga gtx 670
crucial m4 ssd
a usb 3.0 external hd (2TB)

can anyone help me determine if my board is faulty
ive been experiencing some strange lagg when opening files
and mini freezes
so i took a look in device manager and i see these 2 items

ive reformatted and it remains the same for both devices before i do anything on the new os
ive cleared cmos
updated to latest bios
disabled devices not in use in bios
disattached all devices other then 1 hard drive 1 cpu and a new set of ram and my gtx660ti
and it still remains the same
updated all drivers i can
i even dis-attached all front panel from my case to the board

has anyone got the same board with the same issue or any ideas if or how i could fix this
or do i need to send the board back as faulty
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