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Hi everyone:

I am building a computer for a customer running Flight Sim. wondering how many video outputs i can get from a tri-Crossfire video card setup. (i need 6 independent outputs in total)

here is the setup:

3 x HD 7950 with two DVIs and Two Mini display ports. (each of them offers maximum 4 outputs with activate display port to DVI, Nvidia card only offer 3, i may be wrong )

I do understand that the only activate output from crossfire setup will be only from the primary card. which means 4.

is it possible to run the first two cards with crossfire setup and leave the third one as a stand alone? This means 4+4 if possible.

this is an odd setup, but it will give me the best perfrmance and ouput.

any thinking or suggestion will be appiciated. thank you in advance!!
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