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I'm looking to utilize my Filco keyboard and G9x mouse with multiple systems in my home office. There are 4 systems in play, 2 running Windows 7/8, and 2 running ESXi (so keyboard only). Video is being switched by an AVR so I'd buy a KM (no V) if there were such a thing. My primary concern is that the KVM doesn't interfere with the functionality of my current keyboard/mouse and would support anything I might add in the future (within reason, I'll assume USB2 here). Has anybody here had any experience with such devices, and how did it impact your mouse performance? Ultimately I'm looking for the ability to switch between inputs but without any impact on performance or functionality vs. plugging straight into the PC.

Here's my criteria in no particular order:
  • Minimum 4 ports
  • USB switching with full USB performance in all environments (so it should work for BIOS setup, console ESXi, and full support in Windows)
  • Don't care at all about video, it won't be used
  • Likewise, OSD is a non-issue
  • 1U Rackmount would be ideal
  • Keyboard hot-key switching and panel buttons would both be useful