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Custom Cables Question

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I am looking at getting a Seasonic X-650 Gold series and I have a question.

What size wire would I use?

Also if I make the cables shorter will that do anything power wise?

also how is moddiy.com?
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I used Lutro0's 18AWG wire for most of my custom cables, except the SATA cables, which also used 18AWG (Needed blue insulation to match the build). You should be completely fine with that, although it would be nice if you posted up what the system specs are.

Shorter cables won't change anything. Longer might, but only if you're tripling the cable lengths or something silly like that.

I haven't ordered from moddiy.com - it really depends on where you're located. They're in Hong Kong, so if you're in Asia or Australia, they're a good option. If you're in the USA or Canada, I'd highly recommend Lutro0customs.com or performance-pcs.com.

Good luck and remember patience when doing custom wires - that and order about double the amount of pins you think you'll use...
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Thanks +1 do you know where I can find seasonic x-series gold 660 pinout?
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Pinout is located Here

I'd highly recommend that once you've done your cables, connect them to the PSU and jumper the PSU on. Use a multimeter to test the voltages for each wire to make sure they're correct.

You can find the motherboard pinout voltages Here These are the voltages as they should be when connected to the motherboard.

That's the only really complicated one. Molex connectors are 5v on one side, 12v on the other and two grounds in between. Sata connectors are 3.3v - GND - 5v - GND - 12v. EPS connectors are 12v and GND, GPU connectors are also just 12v and GND.
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