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Hard or cloth?
Preferably hard for the durabilty but I do want it to be portable too so nothing too heavy.

Hard pads are durable, but they wear out your mouse skates quickly. If you're talking about portability in terms of going to LANs, a hard pad is kinda difficult to store and transport because you have to be careful with them.

Rough or smooth?
I prefer control and precision over speed so i think that would mean rough but i donno

Hard pads generally have minimal friction so unless you want to spend a month adjusting to the ice-like friction of hard pads, stay away from them.

I have previously used:

Razer Goliathus speed & control
Zowie Swift (hard pad)

Currently using the Goliathus speed after a few months of using the Zowie Swift.

The difference between the speed and control version is that the speed has more friction and the opposite for the control.
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IMO, a HUGE deal of the friction you experience doesn't come from the actual mouse touching the pad. It comes from the back of your hand (though that can maybe depend on your grip, I don't know if everybody's hand is even touching the pad). Anyway, a rough pad might reduce the friction on your mouse, but from my experience it increases the friction on your hand creating an overall slower feel.
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