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Hello. So first of all I just wanna say that I recently built a new gaming desktop. I've used this forum alot of times comparing/seeing opinions etc about any doubt that I had and it was really usefull. So thank you.

Now, the spec that I built was:
Maximus V Gene
Intel Core i5-3570K
Gigabyte HD7950 Windforce 3 OC (Actually comes stock with 1000/1250, guess all the new ones come)
Kingston HyperX Beast 2x 8GB ddr3 2133 PC3-17000
Corsair H110
Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB
Corsair CX 750 80Plus Bronze.
The case i'm using it's a 500R

So when I had it for the first day I didn't do too much, just played Tera (It's an online game). Very stable, no noticible sounds coming from the case except the fans from the gpu when under load.
Then I started playing another games, I tried Alan Wake and in the menus I could hear a high pintched noise, if i turned on v-sync it would go away. Then I did some research and I read that it was normal when having extremly high fps since it was under heavy load.
When I tried to play Assassins Creed Revelations it did the same thing with v-sync off in the menus. BUT when v-sync was on I could hear a slightly pintched noise coming from the case. And now sometimes when i'm doing stuff in the desktop (Like writing this) I can hear the high pintched noise for a few seconds, then it goes back to normal, if i check the temperature it goes up from 30ºC to 42º and the gpu usage also increases to 65% during that time, and the fans also go up of course.
I also did a benchmark with 3D Mark 11 and I got this:
GPU doesn't make that high pintched noise during the benchmark, just a slightly clicking noise during the tests.
And i'm also just assuming that it's the GPU since it seems the most obvious thing (for me of course).
So any ideas ?

Other information

I have installed the 13.4 drivers
My GPU temperature when under load (Games) is normally around 58ºC, pretty much the same during the benchmarks also (Marked 59ºC actually)
EDIT: I also didn't overclock anything yet.
My core voltage (VDDC) is also locked at 1.25V when under load.

If you need any more information about my system/hardware just ask
Thank you in advance.
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