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Win 8 HTPC Update - Mobo advice

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Hi All,

I'm in the process of updating my HTPC's core components (CPU/MOBO/RAM). Most importantly, I need mobo advice. Secondarily, feel free to comment on anything else.

I am looking for a high quality 1155 microATX board with good features, but not a lot of complications. I need room for both a GPU and cablecard. I wont be overclocking, but I would really like cool features such as bluetooth, wifi, high end sound, and anything else that would be useful in a HTPC. Since this is a HTPC, I'm willing to make performance compromises for reliability and simplicity. I was considering an Intel board for that reason, but their exit from the market makes me hesitant of future service/support.

CPU - from an old 775 Wolfdale E8400 to a new 1155 Ivy Bridge i3 3220 (probably)
MOBO -- ?
Mem - probably 8gb of 1600mhz?

Re-usable parts from existing build:
Silverstone MILO low profile Case (micro atx)
Scythe Shuriken 100mm (although I may just use the new stock cooler)
Sapphire Radeon 5570
Seasonic 520w
Samsung Blue-ray drive
Crucial M3 128gb boot drive and Samsung 1tb media drive
Windows 8 (but I haven't bought media player ... should I?)

Usage: Web surfing, Blue-ray playback, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes/Picasa server, occasional Steam Big Picture (but nothing too intense). I don't currently have a cablecard, but I definitely want to leave room for that upgrade in the future.

Budget: Don't worry too much about this, but my target is around $300ish for CPU/Mobo/memory

Other thoughts/random questions:
  • I'm also debating one of those Leap Motion controllers with the hope that it will make the metro interface actually work. What else should I get? Is there anything I should have to plan for Win Kinect just in case I decide to go that way?
  • PowerDVD 9 doesnt seem to be fully windows 8 compatible ... what better blue-ray software I should get?
  • If anyone wants to make a strong argument for the Trinity A10 feel free. I'm leaning Intel since I already have a decent GPU to bring with, but I'm not 100% committed. The AMD android player thing does seem pretty cool for a HTPC and is tempting.
Thanks All!
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For mobo just go and buy a H77 micro or mini atx . There are plenty of options
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B75 Motherboards are about $75, if you do not require USB3 H61 start around $50, H77 are very good
at the moment newegg motherboard/ram combination deal appeal (high price of ram)

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Thanks for the responses. I bought another Asus board - P8H77-M LE since noone managed to convince me of anything else. Happy with setup simplicity and the Asus perks.
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