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Good luck man. They should be fairly decent on how the treat you. Newegg phone number:
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I have been having huge issues with my recently purchased Powercolor 7950, and I got this reply from the vendor I bought it from. I'm going to try it tonight,

Currently this is a common issue with PowerColor, not because it is a faulty card, but instead because PowerColor's BIOS is updated to be compatible with any BIOS that has been updated from October 2012 until now. In order to fix this you would need to do the following:

1) Use your on-board graphics for display
2) Go to the manufacturers website for your motherboard
3) Find the latest BIOS update for your motherboard
4) Download and follow the steps to updating your BIOS
5) Once your BIOS is up to date and you are able to successfully boot off the new BIOS
6) Insert the PowerColor graphics card again and an image should now appear.

Due to the new UEFI Windows 8 BIOS update done on all the PowerColor graphics cards, the old BIOS versions are unfortunately not compatible.

Please let me know if this has solved your issue.
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Those having problems with getting display from a PowerColor card can try changing the BIOS Option ROM display to Legacy, if your mobo has that option.
I had to boot my new Z87 UD5H with the monitor plugged into the motherboard, but after I was able to get to the BIOS the 2x7950's were recognized.
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Unfortunately for me that BIOS update did nothing. I've got a Gigabyte P67 UD4. There is no option for me to switch to Legacy in the BIOS either.
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Link me to which gpu it is I may be able to give you a working none uefi bios and instructions on how to flash it
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