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Screen artifacts on Intel 4500MHD

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HI guys,

I have a old laptop (HP Elitebook 2530P), its been working fine for the last few years, but all the sudden started getting screen artifacts (see attached).

I had WIndows 8 installed for a while and it worked fine, but since the problem started I actually reinstalled Windows 7, and got the most updated drivers from HP and Intel, but to no avail.

Does anyone have a clue what's going on?



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Hi there!

I just registered to reply. (Found your post via Google.)
So. The same thing happened to me on TWO laptops. The only common? The GPU. Intel MHD4500.

The laptops: Lenovo T500 and Dell Latitude XT2.
What I learnt:
- It happens in Windows in 3D / opengl applications !mostly!.
While this meant Games back in the era of XP, nowadays it means Browsers, desktop use too. If you use DWM that is. So it can be pretty annoying. Especially in Chrome, which relies on GPU so much ,you can't even read text sometimes.
- Windows 8 is unusable if you have them, as it uses 3D all the time.
- It has nothing to do with heat/overheating. My laptop was perfectly cool all the time with Intel GPU. I took a good care of this machine.. changed grease, cleaned fans. So I doubt it's got anything to do with heat.
- Linux works, mostly. Not all the times, it does glitch sometimes. But not as often.

I tried drivers and all but no help.
As Linux works even with 3D, shows it's some sort of firmware? software? problem.
My Lenovo first shown these problems when I was using Chrome on desktop. And one day, boom they were there.
The Latitude developed them somewhat earlier, not sure when.

Could we contact Intel? Do they have any kind of support for this?

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Alright, so far, so good.
Intel didn't sent me away in their first reply.
(To be honest, I expected them to send me to Lenovo. Who... of course would advise me to buy a whole new laptop, or get a new motherboard for a few hundred bucks.)

Anyway, we are done with the first letter exchange. I'll try to provide them with as much as info as possible. (And of course, keep posting updates here.)
Let's see if this issue is fixable.

Let me add some keywords here, so others with the same problems can find the problem too. (Don't get me wrong, it's just that this site is not Superuser for example where you can edit and stuff.)

intel vga glitch artifact gpu mhd 4500 gm45express chipset problem video
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