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Hello, Ive recently taken advice from this forums to switch from itunes to foobar but im having a few issues...

firstly (as a lot of people say) stock foobar is not exactly the best way to manage music... Im looking for a skin that works with the most recent version of foobar.

secondly, in itunes, I managed my music in order to get a list by Artists which works in itunes. For compilations I had them all under the same artist and changed the name of the song to include the actual artist to keep them together yet with foobar I have a bunch of artists again putting me back to where I started, having to organise them again!!!

Thirdly, I really like the old itunes picture view of artists (A thumbnail that displayed an album from that artist) I wonder if this is possible with foobar.

im open to trying things out so if there is anything you can suggest please let me know...

get me off this itunes habit!