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How on earth does someone install to the AMD 8 Series RAID HDD in Windows 7 setup?

I have now spent 4 hours flicking between UEFI, RAID BIOS and Windows 7 Setup with a F2A85XM-D3H...

  1. Set the machine up, load UEFI... enable RAID on all ports.
  2. I have a SSD on Port 0 that I want to use as OS disk with HDD's in ports 1-6 in various RAID.
  3. Check SSD is default boot drive and priority in UEFI, reboot to BIOS, force load from Windows 7 pendrive to start setup.
  4. I then downloaded the RAID driver from gigabyte and copied to pendrive, tell windows to use that driver and then it says it can't find any disks...

Now, no matter how or what I plug in it says there are no drives to install to on Windows Setup yet all appear under UEFI and RAID BIOS.

What am I missing or doing wrong guys? mad.gif

I have setup RAID before and feel as though it is perfectly fine but it refuses to see the drives ...
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