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I'm going to be downsizing to a mATX build soon and I was just wondering if anyone has had any hands on experience with the 350d. I have been eyeing the Arc Mini for a while and what really brings me into it is the airflow and ability to support more than just a 240 rad. The 350d has no airflow at the front of the case like the arc mini does.

What I will be putting into the case:
1x 240mm rad
1x120mm rad (optional, but I have one laying around so why not right?)
2 x 3.5" drives
1 x 5.25" disc drive
2 x 2.5" SSDs

I'm currently running a dual 5.25" res/pump combo but since that won't be an option anymore I'm looking to move to either a single 5.25" res or a smaller pump/res combo to place on the floor of the case.

The side window on the 350d isn't that much of a plus since I could easily put one on the arc mini if I wanted. The only major plus of the 350d I can see is that there seems to be more space for the 240 rad in the top.

I'm not interested in Silverstone cases.

Both are $100