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zowie g tf speed or rough for zowie am?

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I have a mini qck but its too small, figured id get one of the matching zowie mousepads. Is the rough the same as the original g tf? I think the speed might be too fast for me since i use low sens
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The G-TF speed is a fast pad in general, but I find there's too much friction when you're pressing down on your mouse (like when you're aiming down the sights in an FPS game).

If I were you, I'd get an artisan hien--it's my favorite pad, beating out the goliathus, qck, g-tf speed, 9hd, and hayate. The hien VE large blue edition is only $15 on amazon right now if you want to check it out.
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The G-tf rough is the best pad i ever owned and i had the goliathus speed/control qck, qck+, qck fnatic ed, qck mass, ss 4d, 9hd, roccat sense, ozone trace(oem of the 5l), and a func arctype.

They advertise its the closest thing to a plastic pad in the market , and i believe its true, its softer but the glide and the feel is there.

It dosent have something i hated on flat clouth pads(flat fabric with no texture) , that is the amount of force to make the mouse move initially .

The glide is easy but u feel the texture all the way so when you apply some pressure it stops where you want to.

Build quality top notch, and its the most confortable pad i ever used , now i forget im using a pad often and thats good!

And btw im using a EC1 white, so the skates are pretty similar so i bet the glide is too.
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I heard someone say the g tf rough is really similar to the artisan hien, so maybe that's why you like it so much. wink.gif

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I think some companies just copy textures and rebrand , and the pad its actually the same, i felt that on my goliathus speed it was equal to my qck+.
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It doesnt matter now, i am switching to an EC2 evo.
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