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Originally Posted by KZISME View Post

Is there much difference between an XFX card? or MSI or anythign of that nature?> I've only ever bought XFX. I'll be running three displays so I hope it works out alright ,

What we are talking about when we reference the 7870 XT (Sapphire) or 7870 MYST Edition (Powercolor) is that the card is NOT a 'regular 7870.' The regular 7870 has a Pitcairn GPU. The same GPU as also found in the 7850.

The two 'special' cards mentioned use the Tahiti LE GPU. A slightly downclocked and shader nipped version of the same GPU found in the much more powerful 7950.

The Tahiti LE 7870's are only made by Sapphire (7870XT w-boost) and Powercolor (7870 MYST Edition), as most other GPU manufacturers decided not to make any. Club 3d also had a Tahiti LE card, but they're European and hard to find in the USA.

End point is that the Tahiti LE 7870's kick MUCHO ASSO! I have the Sapphire unit and run ARMA3 Alpha on max settings 1080p over 100FPS.
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Gpu's... Well I tested a bunch of the latest one's (radeon 6xxx / 7xxx series lately). No Nvidia because of the cpu price atm.

My suggestions for eyefinity gaming :

XFX 7770 - pretty cheap.

XFX R7979 DD GHz edition (baseclock 1050/1500) .. This specific card got flamed a lot because the first ones that came from XFX pushed air over 90'c to your comp... I complained months.. Got many excuses... Finally they asked me to ship both of my cards. (1 x was aalrdy allmost dead..2.cylinder just broke..too little thermel paste I say!

Now there a front page (or now under news) that IF your XFX card runs in heavy load over 90'c in consider overheat n they replaced it. Got my 1. back in 5 weeks...wooh..mad.gif...BUT they figured the freekin situatin (got emails from xfx + support ticket from december 2012..old customer ser and new about the heating). 2. card got replaced in 5 days and IS STILL in an UNOPENED box with a FULL 3 year roundring warranty + it aint registered.

Soo... I'll say go XFX as manufactor.. Depending on availability.. 2 x xfx 6870 xxx editions in CFX is a good thing too but considering your mobo I'll recomend single gpu.

R7970 DD ghz is best I can figure out.. Offc. thre's theres Direct top II 7970.. (but its huge) and R7970 ghz has moar powa.

Check XFXFORCE + their news. Card replaces are fast atm as they failed with thermal paste in the first set of R7970's ghz's. Got 2 of em in CFX with temp 95'c+ .. m8 had 3 x in IV extreme... over 99'c...by far.. (furmark unlocked...we saw 181'c).. All data sended to XFX. thumb.gif

So the problen SHUOLD be solved and the R7970 ghz from xfx isnt the same one than R7970 ghz from xfx ?!? .. Did did a lot because its 250g heavier and dosent look the same. Wink... 1 x unopened...thumb.gif ....for fellow clocker cheaper..
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oh'yea. R7970 has DVI x 1 and mini-dp's x 4. Club3D active mini-dp to dvi works the best...ive tried many adapters..its the best.
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