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Hey everyone,

I Was looking into playing around with my Inno3D 9800GT and found a review that said something about that the manufacturer excluding the GPU memory controller to keep costs down.
The concept of both cards is a tad different from the reference design, but not much. Inno3D 9800 GT has one big disadvantage -- it lacks the GPU memory controller. Sacrificed to reduce production costs.
- Source

I had 2 issues with that satatement that i would really appreciate if someone could clear up:

1. As i understand the MEM controller is a physical chip that is on the card, seeing as they didn't use one could mean that the design is no longer Nvidia reference? That would be a bummer since i ordered the OEM Nvidia Single slot cooler from china. jealoussmiley.gif

2. What are the effects of such action by the manufacturer on the card's performance?