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So I bought an X7 gaming mouse the other day. I would like your help creating a macro for button 7 on the mouse that'll turn the DPI from 3000 to 1600 (roughly 50% less) so when I'm sniping in Battlefield 3 it's easier to hit long range targets.

Apparently all the macros in the application are saved as .amc files. I opened an included macro for double click in notepad and found. Will you help me make one to change DPI?
//   It is your new script below.
//there are three ways to create the script.
//1. Insert functions from top and left panels.
//2. Record both mouse and keyboard movements using record button.
//3. Input with either keyboard panel below or your actual keyboard.
LeftDown 1
Delay 16 ms
LeftUp 1
Delay 16 ms
LeftDown 1
Delay 16 ms
LeftUp 1
Delay 16 ms</Syntax>