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Hey all, i'm a newbie here. Just been mooching around and trying to absorb at least a little of the info that's on here...and there's a lot!

I'm about to embark on building a monster rig which has been a dream for many years, no idea how many wishlists have been created over the years whilst shoestringing it, but now i can actually just do it smile.gif 5GHz is the magic number i'm aiming for eventually

I'm planning on getting the 3930K and had been looking at the Asrock extreme 11 for its x16 SLI capabilities. I've read a lot of past threads where there seemed to be a lot of problems with these boards, especially the LSI raid chip. Have all of the issues been resolved as the BIOS has matured or is this a board to avoid with better alternatives available? Does it overclock as well as others?

Noticabely on here there is an MSI BBII owners club, RIVE owners club etc......but not one for the extreme 11!?! I know most folk are advocates for the RIVE but i'm hoping i might be able to get some unbiased opinions tongue.gif backed up by some sound logic to assist me. Now that i'm in a position to finally hit that 'buy' button it suddenly became more difficult to do! lol