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Having looked around and googled like a mad man to find someone with a similar issue I now turn to you to help me out.

I'll try to make it short and concise:

Old GPU that's been used a fair bit at 950mhz/2150mhz/1.075vCore has now been installed into a new system.

The card has had its TIM replaced and the card has been reset to factory settings. The card seemed to run fine at this point so I wen't on to OC'ing.

Goal here was to reach as high as possible while meeting the following criteria:

1. Fan must never go above 55%.
2. VCore should not go over 1.1.

Obviously I'm reaching just going to 1.1 at 55% max speed, but that's my absolute upper limit of where I'd take it.

Anyhow - with stock settings at 900/2100/1.025 I reached some fairly high temps but nothing too serious.

When I upped my settings to what I had before (950/2150/1.075) I'm now able to reach the mid 80's. Not too bad in my opinion as I'm still below the 55% fan speed marker.

However, upon reaching 88 degrees - then fans will instantly ramp up to 4.3k RPM (100%) - yet GPU-z(0.6.9) and HWInfo64(4.18-1930) show a reading of 55% fan speed - and 4.3k RPM.

So I go ahead and try to bump up my upper limit to say, 70% at 85C and upwards.

Upon reaching 88 degrees, fans go straight up to 100% yet again. Readings still show 70% fan speed, yet they do report 4.3k RPM.

I've even gone so far as to set a marker in my Afterburner curve at points 85 through 92, all pointing to the same fan speed of 50%/70%. Still going up to max RPM.

I've downloaded NiBiTor and had a look at the BIOS, nothing in there seems to point me to a setting that prepares the card for lift off at 88 degrees.

For now I'll just run my card at stock and live with it, but I would love to get to the bottom of this because I'm just not seeing why it's doing this. Could I somehow have damaged a fan controller on the card that would cause this?