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Basic Optical Mouse v2.1

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OK so when WMO first released it was 1.0 had bad sensor and was just a normal cheap mouse... but then 1.1 came out and it was the most amazing mouse for (10?) years. It has now been discontinued in favor of the Basic Optical Mouse v2.0... double the DPI but far worse cursor precision and malfunction speed is low.

So maybe there will be a Basic Optical v2.1 that has an upgraded sensor?! Then this mouse will be the best for the next 10 years... what do you guys think? Basic Optical Mouse has VERY good shape and good weight but sensor is fairly poor... if the sensor was replaced it could possibly be the best mouse ever.
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Unlikely. MS doesn't care about building mice with good sensors. That they've built mice with that particular sensor for so long was because their customers pestered them so much about it. It probably won't happen again because they lucked out on the sensor. Gamers liked the sensor so much because it didn't have prediction. And many gamers didn't like prediction because they were used to not having it because they were used to using the WMO because it was so dirt cheap. We are all predisposed to like the things to which we are accustomed. Same goes for the WMO's shape. It's not nearly as comfortable if you've never used it. It's also unlikely to happen again because MS won't want to embarrass themselves in front of their customers by going back to building mice lacking "elemental" features such as prediction. Where would they even get a sensor like that? You think they'll put an expensive gaming-grade sensor like the Avago 3090 into their "for everyone" mice? No, and they certainly won't make a sensor manufacturer make a cheap sensor without prediction. That would be expensive and nobody in Redmond would risk their job to make the dreams of a tiny fraction of MS customer base happy by building a mouse that doesn't treat you like it knows better where you want to point than yourself. Everyone should have noticed by now that only by accident MS ever treats its costumers as anything other than morons.
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I highly doubt it as well. I too wish there was an upgraded 1.1 sensor on the market. Out of all sensors the wmo @ 500Hz felt the best to me before it hit that far too early negative accel from it's low perfect control speed.... Better than all A3090 mice that I have tried, better than A3050 mice and certainly better than A9500 mice. I don't know what makes it feel so good though, maybe the fps of the sensor.
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Seems Microsoft have stopped making good mice... Now they do have their BlueTrack mice but tbh they aren't as good as their older mice.
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Originally Posted by Derp View Post

I don't know what makes it feel so good though, maybe the fps of the sensor.
The fps most likely and also the lowest amount of prediction i've ever seen in an optical sensor. Still the 3090 in Savu feels pretty close to me. You have to keep in mind the shape and weight of the mouse also has a big influence on the overall "feel" of the sensor. I've always liked more the feeling of IME 3.0, even though its the same sensor. There's something about the weight of the 3.0 that makes the cursor feel more precise compared to WMO.
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So, what would be a mouse that is currently in production that is most similar to the old MS mouse? I.e., a simple, yet functional mouse that doesn't feel like a piece of crap and cost 50 plus bucks.
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