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So, I was in hurry to enable my integrated audio, cuz I have another sound card from Creative, and then after restart it went fastly to booting Windows, but I didn't wanted it so I pressed RESTART button on PC and it happened again so I did it again, after that, my PC didn't wanted to but up to Windows 8...
Also, as Sean might now, I have the SSD caching, which might be the whole problem to this, but I'm not sure.
I tried everything, and I can't System Restore because it says that my drive is protected (***??!?!?!!?)...
Right now I'm really pissed off, cuz I have many thing to do, and I'm spending hours again with this (sry) ****! tongue.gif

Thank you, and I hope someone could help me! Tnx! wink.gif

EDIT: How to enable drive protection from CMD? I'm finding everything related to enabling in windows, with powershell, but nothing from CMD... Any ideas?
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