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Originally Posted by Shottymonsta View Post

Is it worth it?

That's the best question yet.

People continue to promote offset voltage but I am having a hard time understanding why. If you want to save power when lightly loaded, why not just enable the low power C States?

Here is what I get with C1E enabled and C3 and C6 disabled while using the Windows Balanced power profile.


Power consumption at the wall is about 59 Watts.

When running a fixed voltage with both the CPU core and CPU package C States turned on, this drops to only 49 Watts of power consumption at the wall while using the Windows High Performance profile.


When combining offset voltages with the low power C States, power consumption drops down another 2 Watts to 47 Watts.


If you compare the core temperatures in the last 2 pictures you will see that they are identical which is a good indication that the CPU cores in both examples are getting the exact same voltage. The 2 Watt difference is probably due to the voltage regulator consuming less power when using offset voltages.

The over 0.5 volt difference that CPU-Z shows is meaningless because when a CPU core goes into C6, the core voltage drops down to virtually zero.

Instead of promoting offset voltages, why not start by enabling the low power C States. You end up with less power going to your CPU compared to running offset voltages with the C States turned off and it takes virtually zero testing to reliably combine C States with a healthy overclock. Offset voltages seems like a lot of work and is far more likely to limit a stable overclock compared to C States.

RealTemp T|I Edition
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Why not do both?  That way you get power saving from C3/C6 idle modes, and low voltage when the processor is not C3/C6 sleeping but is running at a low level?  It's not either/or.




Originally posted by Shottymonsta


Regarding this, I found my VID (RealTemp) under load did not increase when running P95 @ 1.260v manual. Am I getting the correct VID? Do I need to go auto offset and read the VID then?

The VID is tied to the frequency, so it won't typically change under load (though it sometimes will).  You can read the VID in either offset or manual voltage modes - it is coming form the CPU itself so it doesn't change based on the voltage provided.  The VID is just the voltage the chip is requesting, what it thinks it needs to be stable, at a given frequency.

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ok, so my VID is:


And my voltage under load is:


so to get offset:

"take the load voltage minus the VID (1.26 - 1.20 (for example) = 0.06V). That's your offset."

1.275v - 1.1809v = 0.094v

Which I believe is the same as what I did earlier and the same as what I posted in OP:

"Then you are meant to take your load voltage away from the stock voltage leaving you with the offset value.

so for me 1.275v - 1.180v = 0.095v

So I entered my BIOS and put a positive 0.095v offset in. Booted up and it worked fine however the voltage reading in CPU-Z was showing slightly higher (at idle) than it was before on manual setting (at idle)."

See why I'm confused?!?
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I think your problem is that C1E is disabled, so your voltage is not going down at idle.  It is normal for the voltage to drop under load (assuming your voltage wasn't at the idle voltage because C1E was off).  Check to make sure C1E and EIST are enabled in the BIOS (not Auto, but actually enabled).  And as Jedson mentioned, the offset math isn't exact, so it's also not unusual for there to be slight differences in the voltages.  You just need to fine-tune the offset to get it right where you want it.

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Well holy **** Forceman, I enabled C1E and BOOM! voltage is looking good at idle now.

I can't find EIST in my sabertooth Z77 BIOS, what does it do and where might it be?
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Solved, ForceMan thanks for being a BOSS and telling me about the C1E.

Now I got a stable offset 4.7ghz OC :-)

I am well happy, been pulling my hair out for a week about this. Now I'm going to test temp differences in gaming application as this is what I wanted the offset for anyway.
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Originally Posted by Shottymonsta View Post

Well holy **** Forceman, I enabled C1E and BOOM! voltage is looking good at idle now.

I can't find EIST in my sabertooth Z77 BIOS, what does it do and where might it be?

Also called Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology.  Should be in the same place as C1E, either there or where the turbo multipliers are set.

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Found it, it was already enabled
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Ok so I am getting temps maxing at 75C while playing bf3 with everything maxed with gtx680 classy, is this acceptable enough for 4.7ghz OC?
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Yeah, that temp I'd plenty safe. Maybe a little higher than some, but nothing to worry about. What kind f cooling?
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