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So I just purchased a new rig a while back, first off let me say dont ever buy anmything from The rig is decent but has some issues but the assembly and customer service experience were terrible, but that is a rant for another thread. I ordered my GPU seperately from Newegg and was having a lot of issues with the card. It was running games fantastically (Tomb Raider on ultra settings benchmark ran at an average of 105 fps) but would randomly crash if playing a game for more than 15 mins sometimes less than that. Temps werent an issue, the card was running pretty hot overclocked and at stock clocks (75-80C) but not hot enough to crash the pc. I thought of voltage next but the PSU wasnt the issue either. Updated the drivers, updated MB drivers and the problem persisted. A few days later the problem started getting worse. Now the crashes were coming in the menus. FPS never dropped, just would be running great then next thing you know... Audio loop and vertical lines on the screen.

So, I came to the conclusion the chip was bad. RMA'd it to Newegg and am waiting for the replacement.

Which brings us to the new issue and the one that is bugging me the most. I temporarily installed my buddies 6870 as an interim card until my replacement gets here. And one of the issues I am having was happening with the 7870. I originally thought this audio issue was due to the GPU being bad but its occuring with this card as well which leads me to believe this is not the case.

Sporadically while playing any games ( Guild wars 2, Warframe, Hawken, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, DOTA 2) I will be running at a cool 66C and suddenly encounter frame rate skips accompanied by an audio skip. It happens intermittently and it always the same number of FPS and Audio skips.

Here is what I have already done and my thought process. First thought was drivers. Updated drivers for the MB, GPU, Audio devices and my headphones. No luck.

Next I thought maybe the headphones. Tried external speakers my logitech USB headset and my turtle beach headset. Still happened but with a new symptom. On my turtle beach's the audio skips were accompanied by a distinct electronic noise almost like feedback.

So I continued research. I found some forums that were saying the drivers for the AMD high def audio and the drivers for Realtek HD Audio device, can sometimes interfere with one another. So I uninstalled one, still happened. Uninstalled the other. Still happened. Updated drivers for both devices from Realtek and AMD's website. Still happened. Disabled one, disabled the other. None of these solutions has offered any progress.

So I am currently at a total loss as to what the cause/solution is to this issue. Everything seems to be working properly, and I am having no other system or hardware issues with the PC. It's not constant but it always happens at least once while playing and its always the same number of skips and same symptoms everytime. To be totally honest in the grand scheme of things this is not that major. However, having epic storyline and dialogue moments interrupted by obnoxious sounds and FPS skips, however temporary, is a huge bummer and its driving me insane. In first person shooters its enough of a jump to get you killed.

If anyone is experiencing similar issues or has any insight, I'm eagerly awaiting your reply. thumb.gifninja.gif