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Single Monitor 3D Vision and SLI

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Top of the morning to you.

So my house flooded to the roof last year and destroyed my desktop PC (and everything else). I am currently in a RV while my new house is being built. I bought a gaming laptop from Ibuypower to hold me over until my house was built. I also bought an Asus 3D monitor 1920x1080 120hz and some 3D Vision 2 glasses because "ooh 3D must try". Turns out the 3D doesn't work with the laptop. No big shakes, I figured I would just box the glasses and try again when I get a desktop. Well my house should be done in a month-ish and I am starting to look at ordering my desktop.

I know I can build one cheaper myself but right now ordering is the easiest option for me. My main concerns are SLI and gaming. When I get this PC I don't plan on upgrading anything for a fair amout of time. From reading other posts I have gathered anything over a 680 is overkill for single monitor gaming at my monitor's resolution. However, for 3D gaming it seems the 690 would be better due to the second GPU. But then it will be SLI and I have read a lot of posts from gamers who have trouble with SLI and games.

So I guess I'm asking if anyone has some experience with single monitor 3D gaming at 1920x1080 and what they think about SLI.
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Hello and welcome! biggrin.gif

I got the Asus 144Hz 3D ready display and run a pair of GTX670's in SLI. I gave the 3D Vision 2 kit a try a while back and it worked well and was actually very cool, but it just wasn't for me...my eyes just couldn't adjust.

However, in the short time that I did have it, I'd say that SLI with 1080p 3D is a good idea, IMO. I don't know for sure if 3D will necessarily double the work load on the graphics, but I can definitely say it's quite a bit more demanding than 2D.

I've been running SLI since I got a pair of 7900GT's many years ago. I've also run SLI with the 8800GTS, GTX260, GTX560Ti and now have the GTX670's. Personally, I can't recall any major problems with SLI. Sability-wise, it's been great and has never caused crashes with games that I run or anything like that. It's not something I would recommend to everyone, though. You really need to have the need for the extra horse-power for it to be worth the investment - i.e. if your running low-res, single display it's not going to be used well. For 3D and/or multiple displays, SLI would be well-utilized.

I hope this answers a few questions! smile.gif
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