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To our OP (or if you prefer, Thread Starter).I present you with a chance to make a bit of a name for yourself. Do some real careful shopping and show how close you can come to his level of performance (with that 329.00 cpu) for a ton less money. These high end (and expensive) cpu's outshine their much cheaper brothers in benchmarks and in jobs that are done by a few. Make the center point of what you create to be value, without giving up much in performance. Demonstrate that you know the value of a dollar. I would even be tempted to bring in some X58 gear that still has some warranty. Used X58 prices have fallen tremendously (how would you like to only spend a third what others are spending)but they still deliver great performance, and value. Have your idea about overclocking prepared (the rational behind it) so you can speak with knowledge. Explain how overclocking used to be a way to get extra performance without paying a premium. Or you can spend like it is someone else's money.Most can pick the most expensive gear but much fewer can pick the gear that delivers value.

Yep. I explained to him that if I swapped his CPU out for an i5 he would never notice the difference with what he does and would have saved a bundle and that he could have gotten a lesser motherboard too. I try to put it gently because this is his first build and I just presented his overkill as a common beginners mistake.

I think everyone on this forum could probably match his performance at the tasks he is going to use this PC for and have spent at least $200.00 less, at least.