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so I never made a decision because I keep second guessing myself...and I have since added a second GTX 670

I'm really torn here...give me some ideas

for those not familiar with the Level 10 GT Case:

so I want to add some extra cooling/fans with all the dead space in my setup

- I am not using any 5.25" bays; this is enough room for 1 120mm fan and 1 device
- 1 more fan at the bottom next to the PSU
- 1 more fan on the other side of the hard drives; the front fan's flow/pressure feels "ok", but I feel there's potential to keep the flow of the front intake with a second fan here

there's the 200mm, former top exhaust fan (h100i took it's place). I can either fit this behind the drive bay area or behind the HD area
1: Behind the 5.25" area - but I'm not seeing much use of placing it behind the 5.25" area, as the H100i is handling the cooling on the CPU
2: Behind the HD area - Placing it behind the hard drives allows some video card cooling (670 GTX SLi), but it feels like a relatively low pressure fan. since a fan here needs to draw fan through the hard drive area, so a high pressure fan could be better suited here - BUT this 200mm puts out some serious airflow on it's own......
so which is better? I'm leaning towards option 1 because the Level 10 GT HD cage setup seem pretty restrictive, leaving less air for the second fan - but again, the 200mm puts out so much air on it's own...

as for the front of the 5.25" area, I'm not sure what device to fill the 5.25" bay with.
1 - I don't have a DVD drive, but I don't see the value with one these days with everything (esp games) being digital downloads.
2 - Fan controller (thinking of the NZXT Sentry Mix), but I'm not sure if I would even use it since CorsairLink provides better control, and I don't see how I could add 6 more fans to the system and the case fans are already on it's own controller

Really not sure here, so many options tongue.gif