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amd 5970 being bottlenecked?

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Hey everyone, i have been out of the game for a couple of years, so I am running a bit behind and forgotten a bit.

First, I'll list my specs.

q6600 @ 3.4ghz with a TRUE 120
amd 5970
intel d975xbx2 motherboard
4 gigs of ram (forget which kind, don't feel like opening the case tongue.gif)
880 PSU

So, on a lot of games (i.e. gta 4, skyrim, etc.) I am getting pretty bad performance for the card I have. For example, i am getting around 20 fps on gta 4 with all the settings at very high, draw distance at 50, detail distance at 50, and the number of cars almost all the way down. On skyrim, i get decent performance until I am in the city. There, it drops to around 20-25 fps. Same in crisis. I have crossfire enabled, and the card overclocked to 780/1125.

So all the other videos i have seen show these games running at a pretty smooth 60 fps with this card and even higher settings. I am using no AA/AF on these games. So my question is, am i getting bottlenecked? Or am I doing something stupid tongue.gif

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Sounds like your CPU is bottle necking your setup. Both Skyrim and GTA 4 rely heavily on the CPU which in turn gives it less time to deal with the GPU bandwidth. Might want to check your temps as well, just in case your CPU is underclocking for safety.
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i checked my temps and their activity level. The cpu hasn't been underclocking itself, and has been going up to 60-63C. I thought it was being bottlenecked. I'm looking at the i5-3570K and ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS. Still deciding on the RAM. Also, will be overclocking that. Should be enough to get my performance out of the card right?
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