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Actually, Atom Z2760 in the review is based on Clovertrail (not the new Clovertrail+)

Though Clovertrail+ is only better in GPU performance and more power efficient than the old Clovertrail. THere is no improvement when it comes to CPU performance.

Also, why would anyone compare 15w APU to Clovertrail ? This is like comparing 100w APU to 15w APU

Look at the performance, now cut it in half... See?

Only quad core Temash/Kabini results are available, so yea. I can't compare Atom Clover Trail/Clover Trail+ plus Temash since there are no benchmarks of it. Even thought by these benchmarks I am sure that 1Ghz Temash could/will outperform 2Ghz Atom Clover Trail/Clover Trail+...