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Hi everyone,
I'm starting to think I might have a DOA GTX 660 Ti but would just like some other opinions and suggestions on other tests I could possibly try to diagnose.

I recently picked up two GTX 660 Ti cards to replace a 7950 in my main computer. I know everything else in the case works fine. The 7950 was taken out and the first 660 Ti was put into the Rampage 4 extreme MOBO. Everything worked fine here and I was able to install the latest drivers. I then went to install the second (correct slot for 2 cards & both PCIe switches were turned on) but the computer would not recognize having the second card installed. After some time playing with it I finally got it to recognize it as a "unknown device" in device manager but could not get it any further. I tried all different types of driver updates and the like but to no avail.

Starting to suspect a DOA card I put it in another computer by itself, also with all known working components. This time I was able to get to the MOBO introduction picture that comes up during POST and introduces some of the keyboard shortcuts of the MOBO and has the brand. After that being up for like 30 seconds it goes black with the flashing underscore in the top left of the screen.

Anyone have any idea what I'm dealing with here? All the fans on it seem to spin fine and it will render that MOBO page OK so I am hesitant to say it's DOA. Perhaps driver issues?