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So wasn't sure where to ask this, but haven't found any fix anywhere, and it's not even a huge problem, but enough of one I want to fix it.

I'm using a panasonic Viera 32" tv as my monitor (L32U22 to be precise with models), and a GTX 660Ti running dvi-hdmi for 1920x1080 goodness

The problem I have is at startup. I turn my computer on, turn on the monitor, I see my ASRock bootup, it shows the "windows is loading" whatever...but as soon as that passes, and it's asking for a password, the tv acts as if no video signal is there. Turning the tv off then back on doesn't fix it, also just leaving the tv off until it hits that screen (I guesstimate, but gave it 2 minutes to be sure) doesn't stop it, at that point, I have to unhook the cord from the monitor, and plug it back in, and instantly I have image again!

I've poked at the nvidia control panel and couldn't find anything that seemed wrong.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!