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Samsung Galaxy S3 Touchstone Wireless Charging Mod

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Galaxy S3 Touchstone Mod

I wanted to share my recent success with implementing wireless charging on my GS3. There have been many posts on the interwebs for doing this mod, but mine might be the closest thing to stock functionality without buying the touchstone enabled back on eBay. As always, I make no guarantee that this modification will work for you or that it is entirely safe. If you decide to do this yourself, be careful and be smart as I am not responsible for wrecked devices.

Some of the key differences in my mod vs. the others I have seen:
  • Uses copper foil instead of copper tape.
  • No wires required.
  • Absolutely no soldering required.
  • All modifications are done on battery cover.
  • Zero connection problems.
  • Works with or without case.*
  • Does not impede NFC functionality.
  • All modifications, except those done to the case are completely reversible.
*Only tested with Cimo Flexible TPU Case.

When I first started researching the wireless charging capabilities of the S3, I had initially planned to purchase the QI wireless receiver and one of the plethora of off brand QI charging mats. Unsatisfied with paying $40-$50 dollars to enable a "convenience feature," I continued my research and found out the touchstone coil included in the old Palm Pre and Palm Pixi would be a perfect substitute and a much more affordable alternative.

I purchased the following items on Amazon:

Cimo Gloss Back TPU Case - $8.93

Touchstone Charging Dock - $9.99

Palm Pixi Touchstone Battery Door - $5.00

Palm USB Wall Adapter - $4.82

1/4" x 1/32" Neodymium Magnets - $4.48 (eBay)

You will also need a small amount of copper foil, something to cut the foil, as well as electrical tape.

If anyone would like a step by step guide, I can write one up, but I just want to make sure people are interested in it first. For those familiar with touchstone mods my method should be pretty self evident. Now for the pictures:

Coil from Palm Pixi battery door. You WILL also need the silver tape that comes attached to the coil in the pre/pixi.

Coil after attaching to back of GS3 battery door.

GS3 with case on, attached to touchstone.

Wireless charging notification.

Case with holes to mount new magnets.

Magnets glued into inside of case, completely flush.

Case attached to phone.

The phone seems to charge just as fast wirelessly as it did with micro USB, but the convenience of being able to charge it without plugging it in leads me to charge it much more frequently and as a result the battery stays topped off. I will also be doing a car touchstone mod that is only possible because of the increased hold granted by the neodymium magnets, but an important fact to note is that the magnets WILL most likely affect the internal compass of the device. If you have any questions feel free to ask them, and if you want a step by step guide just vote in the poll or make a post saying so. Good luck to any of you modders that plan to use the touchstone, it is a great charger and I absolutely love it. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have enjoyed my mod.
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