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Originally Posted by rattleheadmegadeth View Post

I got the DA2013 and i dont feel any smoothing at all... why are people claiming there is smoothing?
What were your monitor's refresh rate and DeathAdder 2013's C.P.I.?
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120hz...i honestly feel no smoothing at all... i think perception of smoothing can come from different things... such as input lag, 1000hz, mouse skates, mousepad.
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All those who have the input lag problem for the g500s, logitech just released a firmware update that has addressed this problem. Do go try it out!
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Originally Posted by Mancubus View Post

I just did link... I highly doubt that several users would complain of the same issue if it didn't exist.

I thought I did like one Logitech mouse - the G100s but it turns out that mouse is also flawed - sometimes clicks don't register - it doesn't happen often but it does happen.
Sorry for the late reply, but you linked it in a edit that i had to find.. thanks for that

Seems all the issues are related to wait for it

Mouse drivers! Wooo!, never install mouse drivers, ever, they always screw up something in my experience
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